Ewan || UNICEF (Challenge 3)

World AIDS Day 2011

01 December is World AIDS Day

34 million people are living with HIV worldwide

There were 2.7 million new cases of HIV/AIDS, and 1.8 million HIV-related deaths in 2010 alone.

UNAIDS estimates that a total of 2.5 million deaths have been averted in low-
and middle-income countries since 1995 due to the roll out of antiretroviral therapy.

Nearly half of people (47%) eligible for antiretroviral treatment are now receiving it.

68% of people living with HIV/AIDS live in sub-Saharan Africa.
This region represents 12% of the global population.

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the number of people living with HIV rose 250% from 2001 to 2010.
90% of the region's epidemic is centered in The Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

2.2 million people were living with HIV in North America and Western and Central Europe in 2010, about 34% more than in 2001. More than half (1.2 million) live in the United States of America.


Give, Give, Give...

UNICEF | (RED) | amFAR | Riders For Health
The Global Coalition on Woman & AIDS | San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Kris || B&amp;W Mic

Music Meme, 2011

Under the cut, the first lines to 50 random songs picked off my playlist for you to ID. Some of them even have the title in their first lines, some are what I assume to be classics, so every player should recognize at least a couple.

Rules are simple: No Googling, please. Half-points are granted for incomplete answers (i.e. title without artist or vice versa). Game will be running all week. Comments are screened, winner gets bragging rights. Oh, and did I mention NO GOOGLING?!

I just put my iTunes on shuffle - so there might be artist repetition!!

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Other || Live Like We&#39;re Dying

Film Review: Pearl Jam Twenty

For as long as Rock n Roll has existed, there have been tragic, dramatic stories of rock bands. Bands come and go every day; very few become successful, and even fewer stay together long enough to enjoy that success.

To say that Pearl Jam is a rarity is an understatement.

The Billboard charts are full of disposable acts and instant celebrities; people who can barely hold a note, much less an instrument. Any jerk with a laptop can make music these days, and any paparazzi darling can be auto-tuned to death.

That is not this band. Pearl Jam is made up of a group of guys who, for example, learned how to play bass as a kid by putting on a record and turning the stereo knob all the way to the left so that he could learn the bass-line of a song. Guys who sweated it out in tiny clubs and basements, who saw their first lead singer die of a drug overdose, who watched their next lead singer (literally) swing from the rafters night after night, because his rock n roll spirit compelled him to do so. These are guys who write their own music, build their own path, and take on The Man (damn the consequences).

This is the story of the last great American Rock band.

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Ewan || Black Coat

Sometimes it is okay to wear shiny shoes.

GEORGE CLOONEY: Hi, I'm George Clooney, the Sexiest Man Alive(tm)!
EWAN: Uh, yeah, I don't think you need to constantly introduce yourself that way.
GEORGE: My shrink says that I should. Hey, uh, Ewan?
EWAN: What?
GEORGE: What...the hell is up with your pants?
EWAN: It's trendy and casual, and fashion-forward.
GEORGE: But...it makes you look a little stumpy. No offense.
EWAN: None taken. I'm European so you see, I have to be EDGY AND COOL.
GEORGE: Technically, Ireland isn't part of Europe.
GEORGE: Do the Scots own a decent pair of shoes?
EWAN: Wha?
GEORGE: I'm just saying; this is a relatively fancy to-do. I'm in a suit, for crying out loud.
EWAN: You're ALWAYS in a suit.
GEORGE: They say I am this generation's Cary Grant.
EWAN: Who says that?
GEORGE: People. People say it. All the time. And let me tell you, my friend, Cary Grant would never be caught dead in sneakers and jeans that are like, seven inches too long for him.
EWAN: Cary Grant wasn't EDGY and EURO like me.
GEORGE: He was also like, 6'1", so he would have towered over you.
EWAN: I'm practically 5'11"!
GEORGE: Uh...okay. Wait...are you wearing Cary Grant's jeans?
EWAN: Huh?
GEORGE: That would explain why the legs are so long.
EWAN: Fuck off. Seriously. I AM EDGY AND COOL.
GEORGE: And I am the Sexiest Man Alive(tm)!
EWAN: If you say so, Dapper Dan.
Ewan || Take me home

Mad Men is a show on the tee vee.

Eve: I'm smiling, but on the inside, I am sobbing.
Ewan: I told you, your hair looks nice, and does not at all look like a bad wig.
Eve: THAT ISN'T WHY I AM SAD! And what's wrong with my hair? I don't think it ages me by ten years at all!
Ewan: You kind of look like you should be on Mad Men. It's hot.
Eve: ANYWAY. I am sad because I took a really, really long time to make myself look presentable for once...
Ewan: Are you wearing the big underwear that the women wore in the 60's? Cause that would be HOT.
Eve: ...and you can't even be bothered to wash your hair!
Ewan: I was going for that "Johnny Depp" look.
Eve: You're wearing a powder blue suit, sweetie. And you are not Johnny Depp. You have to wash your hair.
Ewan: You wouldn't be talking to me like this if we lived in 1968.
Eve: Bite me.